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Six Things Meditation Has Taught Me / Linda Williamson


By Linda Williamson

I learned how to meditate at school, which was pretty enlightened for a Glaswegian secondary in the early 80s.

Two Buddhist monks came to my religious education class and led a guided meditation. I was fascinated by the monks (so exotic!) but meditation itself wasn’t a cool thing to do. It wasn’t something I told my friends or family about. Meditation was seen as a bit bonkers, religious and eccentric so I kept my mouth shut about it.

My meditation life has not been a straight path. At times I have been totally committed to it, doing week-long retreats, meditating for seven hours a day and seriously considering joining a Buddhist order. And there there have been long periods when I haven’t meditated at all.  But I’ve never lost my connection to it. I’ve been thinking about the the most important stuff I’ve learned from meditation and top of my list are:

1. I am in control of what I pay attention to.

2. I can find anything interesting.

3. I create most of my suffering.

4. Running away from what’s happening doesn’t help.

5. Left to its own devices, my brain is an endless source of bad advice.

6. Meditation re-connects me to how I want to live.


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